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Chaffinch, Root of Flavor 50gr
  • Chaffinch, Root of Flavor 50gr

Chaffinch, Root of Flavor 50gr

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The pharmaceutical product is used in folk medicine as a medicinal product in the condition of slurry as a preparation for wound healing. Pulp made from ground mash Nutritious scallop in hot water with the addition of small amounts of edible oil can already be used for various types of bruises, fractures, bumps, sprains, sprains, crushes, as well as inflammation of the muscles, nerves or tendon sheaths, also on damaged parts Spine or intervertebral discs.

Comfrey - Symphytum officinale is a medicinal plant commonly occurring mostly in pastures, meadows and all kinds of wasteland. Pharmaceutical raw material with therapeutic effects is the root, which has a brown color and quite irregular in shape, after cutting, the root has a whitish color. In the past, comfrey root was used as a first-specific screening at the gastric ulcers. Nowadays, comfrey root is used in most cases as a panacea for improving the condition of the skin and abrasions, bruises and even fractures. Is additionally a medicinal plant used in the form of internal use of herbal infusions in the treatment of gastric ulcers or as a medicament purifying blood, exhibits assist in the treatment of wounds, cuts, burns, ulcers and intestines, stomach, liver and gallbladder.

Comfrey is enthusiastically used by sportsmen, therefore, that a pharmaceutical raw material which is the root of its composition comprises the biologically active allantoin, which is the predominant element used in therapeutic diseases and injuries. Comfrey is used both for indoor and outdoor use. In the first case, you can use comfrey root, above all, sprains, bruises and sprains. Wraps the plants are extremely efficient accelerating species specific scarring and minimize pain. It is permitted to use the finished products including its composition, comfrey. Comfrey root, we can buy in the store, and prepare herbal based on the specifics of which can be used to compress the affected areas, or to other designs associated with the treatment.

The efficiency of the plant has been recognized by the manufacturers of herbal agents and medical preparations, as a result, you can buy a lot of preparations containing extremely in their chemical compositions and derivative of comfrey root. The wide range of herbal shops and herbalist, you can search for ointments, lotions, gels, and a variety of other specifics. These preparations can be used not only for sprains and dislocations. They are also delicious when recovering from fractures, kurowaniu frostbite, treatment of other skin diseases. For this purpose may also be used comfrey powder.

Comfrey Medicine and medicinal preparations from this plant is used internally rówineż, a very positive influence on the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, but in the case of long-term and frequent use of internal, comfrey can damage the liver. It is recommended to use in diseases of the digestive system, stomach and intestinal ulcers, upper respiratory tract, persistent cough. Fresh herb used for wounds, sores, ulcers, thanks to amounts of adhesives plant heals damaged skin quickly, not allowing for the creation of infection. Located in the composition of comfrey allantoin soothes and gojąco, has characteristics of cell proliferation, the effect of these is used takżeż bone fractures and sprains.

Active substances contained in the raw material pharmaceutical:

chlorogenic acid,
caffeic acid,

The therapeutic effect comfrey root:

accelerates the production of callus,
antimitotic activity,
emollient effect '
accelerates wound closure,
accelerates granulation,
accelerates the formation of new cells,
protects against abnormal tissue heal,
accelerates wound healing,
accelerates the healing of fractures,
accelerates the healing of sprains.

Pharmaceutical raw material is used in folk medicine as a medicinal preparation in the form of slurry as a remedy for wound healing. The slurry resulting from the powdered root of Medicine Comfrey crushed in hot water with the addition of a small amount of cooking oil, we use for all kinds of bruises, fractures, shock, dislocations, sprains, crushing, also inflammation of muscles, nerves or tenosynovitis, even on damaged parts of the spine or intervertebral discs. For outdoor use. One teaspoon of table Comfrey root pour 0.5 liter of water, cook about 2-3 minutes and set aside. After przestygnięciu can be used as a poultice for skin diseases, sprains, injuries, etc. Very good for the hard-healing wounds, skin ulcers, burns and frostbite. Very helpful in cracking heels. Then prepare infusions and steep foot.

Composition: 100% comfrey root.

Package Contents: 50 grams Bag

Net Weight: 50 grams